September 24, 2023

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How to Change FB Dp without Cropping?

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How to Change FB Dp without Cropping?

How to Change FB Dp without Cropping?

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones. Your Facebook profile picture, or DP (Display Picture), is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile. It represents your identity on the platform. However, uploading a profile picture on Facebook can sometimes be frustrating, especially when it asks you to crop the image to fit their predefined dimensions. But fear not! In this article, we’ll show you how to change your Facebook DP without cropping, allowing you to showcase your entire picture in all its glory.

Why Is Cropping Necessary?

Before we delve into the methods of bypassing cropping, let’s understand why Facebook requires it in the first place. Facebook has specific image dimensions for profile pictures to ensure uniformity across the platform. When you upload a picture that doesn’t meet these requirements, Facebook prompts you to crop the image. The problem arises when you have a picture you love, but cropping it would remove essential parts or ruin its aesthetics. Let’s explore how to avoid that.

Method 1: Use the Profile Picture Guard

Facebook’s Profile Picture Guard feature allows you to safeguard your profile picture from misuse while also avoiding cropping. Enabling this feature adds a blue border with a shield icon around your DP, preventing others from downloading or taking screenshots of it.

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap on your current profile picture.
  3. Choose “Turn On Profile Picture Guard.”
  4. Adjust the position and size of the picture within the circular frame provided.
  5. Save the changes, and your full picture is now protected without any cropping.

Method 2: Create a Frame

Facebook provides an option to add frames to your profile picture, which can add a decorative border or overlay. Using a frame can help you preserve the entire picture without cropping, while also giving it a unique touch.

  1. Go to your Facebook profile and click on your current profile picture.
  2. Choose “Add Frame.”
  3. Browse through the available frames or search for a specific theme.
  4. Adjust the frame as needed to fit your entire picture.
  5. Click on “Use as Profile Picture” to save it.

Method 3: Photo Resizing Tools

If you prefer not to use the Profile Picture Guard or add frames, you can turn to various photo resizing tools available online. These tools allow you to adjust the image dimensions according to Facebook’s requirements without cropping.

  1. Select a photo resizing tool of your choice and upload your desired profile picture.
  2. Input the recommended Facebook profile picture dimensions (e.g., 180×180 pixels).
  3. Use the resizing tool’s settings to fit your picture into the specified dimensions.
  4. Download the resized image.
  5. Upload the newly resized image as your Facebook DP without any cropping.

Method 4: Create a Collage

Another creative way to avoid cropping your Facebook DP is to create a collage. Collages enable you to combine multiple images into one, allowing you to showcase your favorite photos without losing any part of them.

  1. Use a collage-making application or an online tool.
  2. Import your desired images into the collage maker.
  3. Arrange the images to your liking, making sure they fit the collage layout.
  4. Save the collage as a single image file.
  5. Set the collage as your Facebook profile picture, and voilĂ ! No cropping required.


Your Facebook profile picture is a reflection of your personality, and cropping it to fit Facebook’s dimensions shouldn’t hinder your creativity. With the methods mentioned in this article, you can now change your Facebook DP without cropping and proudly display your favorite photos in all their glory.


Q1: Will my profile picture remain secure if I use the Profile Picture Guard? Yes, the Profile Picture Guard adds an extra layer of security to your profile picture, preventing misuse and unauthorized downloads.

Q2: Can I change my profile picture frame whenever I want? Absolutely! You can change or remove the frame as many times as you like to keep your profile fresh and updated.

Q3: Are photo resizing tools free to use? Most photo resizing tools offer free versions with basic features. However, some may have premium options for additional functionalities.

Q4: How many images can I add to a collage? The number of images you can add to a collage depends on the layout you choose. Some collages allow a few images, while others can accommodate more.

Q5: Will changing my profile picture affect my post history? No, changing your profile picture will not affect your post history or any content you have shared on Facebook. Your posts will remain intact.

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