September 25, 2023

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How to Change Facebook Dp without Losing Likes?

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How to Change Facebook Dp without Losing Likes?

How to Change Facebook Dp without Losing Likes?

Your Facebook Display Picture (DP) is an essential element of your profile, representing your online identity. While changing your DP may be necessary or desirable, you might worry about losing the likes and reactions you received on your current DP. In this article, we will explore effective methods to change your Facebook DP without losing the likes and engagements you have accumulated.

Why Change DP without Losing Likes?

Changing your DP can be a way to keep your profile fresh and relevant. However, losing likes and reactions on a well-received DP can be disheartening. Here’s why you might want to change your DP without losing your hard-earned likes:

1. Keeping Engagement Intact

A popular DP with numerous likes signifies your engagement with your Facebook network. Changing it without losing likes allows you to maintain that engagement level.

2. Preserving Memories

A DP might represent a cherished memory or milestone. Changing it without losing likes helps preserve the significance of those reactions.

3. Continuity in Profile

Maintaining your likes after changing your DP ensures that your profile remains consistent and connected to your past interactions.

Methods to Change Facebook DP without Losing Likes

Let’s explore different methods to change your Facebook DP without losing the likes and reactions:

1. Method 1: Update Photo as a New Post

  • Go to your Facebook profile and click on your current DP.
  • Choose “Update Profile Picture” and select “Upload Photo.”
  • Upload the new DP that you want to set.
  • Instead of clicking “Save,” click on “Make Temporary.”
  • This will create a new post with your updated DP without changing your main DP.
  • Your friends can like and react to the new post, preserving the likes on the original DP.

2. Method 2: Use Facebook Story

  • Upload your new DP as a Facebook story.
  • Stories have a separate engagement system, and reactions on stories won’t impact the likes on your main DP.
  • This way, you can showcase the new DP without affecting the original likes.

3. Method 3: Archive Old DP

  • Before changing your DP, download the current DP and save it on your computer or phone.
  • After setting the new DP, create a Facebook album named “Old Profile Pictures.”
  • Upload the saved old DP into the album.
  • This way, you can keep the old DP and its likes while showcasing the new DP on your profile.

Best Practices to Retain Engagement

To maintain engagement while changing your DP, consider these best practices:

1. Explain the Change

In your new DP post or story, write a brief explanation of why you changed your DP to encourage engagement.

2. Interact with Comments

Respond to comments and reactions on the new DP post or story to foster more engagement.

3. Acknowledge Old DP Likes

In the new DP post or story, thank your friends for their previous engagement with your old DP.


Changing your Facebook DP can be an exciting and meaningful process. By using methods like creating a new post, using stories, or archiving old DPs, you can change your DP without losing the likes and reactions on your previous DP. Engage with your friends and explain the change to maintain the connection with your Facebook network and preserve the memories associated with your old DP.


  1. Will my friends be notified when I change my DP using these methods?When using the mentioned methods, your friends will not receive notifications about your DP change unless they interact with the new post or story.
  2. Can I use both methods simultaneously to showcase my new DP?Yes, you can use multiple methods to showcase your new DP without losing likes, such as creating a post and using stories.
  3. Will the likes on the new DP post be added to the likes on my main DP?The likes on the new DP post or story will be separate from the likes on your main DP.
  4. Can I still change my main DP after using these methods?Yes, you can change your main DP whenever you like without affecting the engagement on previous posts or stories.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of stories I can post?Facebook allows users to post multiple stories, but it’s best to avoid overwhelming your friends with excessive stories.

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